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Our Services

LIFE SUMMARY(4 page) Rs. - 201/-


1. Basic Birth Description

2. Present and Future Life Summary

3. Rassi Chakra(Planet position)

(Attached with MANGALIK Judgment)

4. Remedy

THUKUJI (8page) Rs.- 451/-

1.Basic Birth Description

2.Rassi Chakra (Planet position) (Attached with MANGALIK Judgment) 3.Present and Future Life Summary

4.Vimshottari Mahadasha

5. About Health, Wealth and Happiness

6. About Education and Marriage

7. About Service and Economic

8. Remedy

9. Sadde Sati of Lord Saturn 10.Fore cast about Health and Wealth

11.Bhattri Bhav and Happiness

12.Education and Income

13 Marriage life and Nidhon 14 About Work and Fortune 15.Income and Expenses 16.Remedy

COOSTI BICHAR (16 page) Rs.- 751/-

1.Basic Birth Description

2.Rassi Chakra(Planet position) (Attached with Mangalik & Kalsharpojog Judgment)

3. Summary of Subha - Asubha 4. Vimshottari Mahadasha

5. Fore cast Day and Time

6. Fore cast Month wise result, Subha colour, subha day, subha number

7. Sudarshan

8. Rassi wise result

JOTOK BICHAR (Rs - 551/-)

Must be necessity to Jotok Bichar or Bibaha Bichar before negotiation of marriage. (Marriage report free of cost)

LIFE INDEX (21 page) Rs.- 1501/-